Our Beliefs

In Cameroon we organize ourselves into small farmer groups which all belong to the Hill Top Farmers Direct Cooperative. We are driven by our core beliefs which determine how we organize ourselves and how we interact with others in the coffee industry:

  • That it is by working together that we can achieve lasting success and strength.
  • That it is only when we deliver superior quality coffee that we can begin to ask for prices that will afford us a decent quality of life.
  • That we are professionals at the start of the value chain of coffee and it is our professionalism that will earn us lasting partners, co-professionals who share our values and with whom we are able to collaborate to deliver the best.
  • That our collaborations result in mutual benefits for all concerned.
  • That we must continue to seek feedback from others along the value chain and develop new approaches to farming and post-harvest processing of our coffee in response
  • That our success will indicate that coffee farming is a viable option for our youth.