The Launching Announced

UPDATE JULY 12, 2014
Dear Friends,
I am excited to inform you that the pilot phase of the Conscious Coffee Project (CCP) is now officially launched. This means that we have turned on some features of the website such as payment for pledges and formal enrollment of members into the program. Development and improvement of the CCP website and platform will continue as pointed out in the email I sent to this pilot community some days ago. Since then, we have added new invitees to the program, so to ensure that everyone is fully informed, emails such as this one will be saved in the “Archived Emails” category.
Since the CCP website is live, only visitors who SIGN UP to our pilot program will have access to pilot specific information. Therefore, if you are interested in participating in the pilot:
          Register so that our administrator will verify that you are an invitee
          You will be given Pilot Participant privileges and emailed a (new) computer generated password
          Log out. The next time you log in, use the new password with your original username
          Once logged in you can access your profile and change your password to one you can remember.
          Pilot Participants will be sent emails directly from the CCP website with the password to gain access to pilot specific information.
Non-pilot specific information about the seedling program will be accessible to all website visitors.
So, go ahead and sign up to get started –
On behalf of the CCP pilot team, I would like to thank those of you who have already signed on and welcome everyone else to our pilot community.
Matti Foncha

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