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  • Working Together

The Conscious Coffee Project provides transparent platform for these transcontinental relationships to strengthen, lasting to (and beyond) the life of the coffee trees

This is not Charity, this is Basic Economics with a Collaborative twist

Input 1

FUNDING from arround the world

The funding partner provides the necessary capital to facilitate the growth of the seedling to reach maturity. This provides otherwise unavailable financial support to upgrade and revitalize the farm

Input 2

Agricultural Skills and Land in Cameroon

The coffee farmer nourishes and maintains the health of these trees by supplying the agricultural skills and necessary labor year after year and harvest after harvest

Out Put

Cameroon Boyo™ Green Coffee Beans

By year 5, these trees will produce commercial quantities of the high quality coffee cherries that the specialty coffee market seeks - AND You Co-own Them. The collaborative partners of Cameroon Boyo™, will then bring them to specialty markets around the world

The Conscious Coffee Project is the natural evolution of a unique Collaborative Trade Model being employed today by the farmers of Cameroon Boyo™ Coffee. Watch the Video to learn more

Cameroon Boyo™ Coffee

In the northwest highlands of Cameroon, hidden in the valleys of seemingly endless hills and volcanic peaks, lie the villages that comprise the Boyo region where Cameroon Boyo™ Coffee is born.

Small Farmer Grown™
Small Farmer Owned™

Our Collaborative Trade process considers the complete coffee cycle, the 18-months journey from the flowering to the plants until Cameroon Boyo™ Coffee is delivered to Coffee roasters.

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